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Stanton Burdett are a unique company and we work with each client on a ‘best for project’ basis. We use our understanding, experience and information to ensure each project is a success.



Smarter Project Management

Risk and opportunity

Working together

Stanton Burdett has built relationships within the industry that supports the successful delivery of projects. By considering both the internal delivery team and the external partners key project challenges can be successfully overcome.

Smarter management enables us to inspire, energize and empower the teams we work with, creating clear ownership and achievable goals that support project delivery across the supply chain. Stanton Burdett’s knowledge and experience continually grows because we’re always accountable for the projects we embark on.

Creating opportunity

Stanton Burdett creates opportunity through the challenge of key assumptions affecting cost and delivery. Smarter management creates a positive momentum and forward focus, providing a framework in which change is converted into opportunity.

We continually consider the challenges faced by the industry and identify initiatives which support and create opportunity for the future.

'Best for project'

Stanton Burdett implements a ‘best for project’ approach to the delivery of projects, where all external and internal factors are considered throughout the project lifecycle. By considering project risk both internally and externally the success of the project and future sustainability of the industry is supported.

Delivering Results

Stanton Burdett has worked throughout the supply chain successfully delivering projects. Using smarter management, challenging risk and creating opportunity we are able to continually support projects and engage in the generation of future ideas for the growth of the Industry.